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DUDZ is the fruit of the coming together of two artist-sculptors, Emmanuel BRAULT & Anthony GAUDIER.

The DUDZ live in a strangely CHAOTIC world. A world of TRANSGRESSION.
Brutally erupting from the unscrollings of our DARKEST dreams, they are born of the encounter of STREET-ARTand sculpture. A melding of imagination and cool, the DUDZ incarnate this contemporary UNDERGROUNDculture in trashy, cynical and disjointed dramas. Embodiments of the INEXPRESSIBLE, the DUDZ mean to PROVOKE. With their broken noses, piercings, leers and comical malformations, these terrible children reveal a reality we are reluctant to face: that of DIFFRENCE.

And its terrific RICHNESS...

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George A Raggett. The A stands for Anarchy. Only joking, it stands for Alfred. 

I started painting as a child. My mother says I was born with a pencil in my hand which I can only imagine made the birth that little bit more painful. 

I am from Hampshire, England but currently reside in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The sausages aren't as great as they said they'd be. 

I hope you enjoy my work and if you don't, that's fine. No honestly, it's ok. I'm fine. Really it's ok. I'm ok. Really. I am fine.

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Otto Schade (also known as "Osch") is a Chilean artist and architect based in London, UK since 2006. He was born 30 October 1971 in Concepcion, Chile. At young age he studied at St. John's School in Concepcion and Sagrados Corazones de Talcahuano.

After receiving his higher education at the Bio Bio University where he studied Construction and Design Architecture in his native country, he worked on his own projects as an architect in Chile with colleagues Carlos Belmar and Pedro Caparros from 2000 till 2004.In Europe he worked for architecture design companies such as Benoy, Civicart and Zaha Hadids. He also gave lectures on Design at the Southbank University from 2008 till 2013.

After practicing architecture for more than a decade, Schade dedicated himself to creative skills, particularly to painting. As an artist he has exhibited his work in Chile, Russia, Sweden, France, Nederland, US, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany.

Schade’s work includes abstract, surreal and pop art. In 2009 he started painting on the streets mainly in the UK urban center of Shoreditch (London) using the pseudonym “Osch”. Schade came up with a quick and effective way to deliver his messages using simple 1 or 2 layer stencils, culminating in his instantly recognisable trademark Orbs.

By using his more established and sophisticated stenciling techniques Osch continues to evolve his distinctive ribbon style, which he uses in part to criticize and ironically depict some of the world’s current social issues. Many of his works hold satirical messages in order to raise social awareness and reach the boundaries of human vision. This political and social commentary is often present in his practice as an urban artist and has been an inherent feature of his works, which increasingly appear as street art around the world.

Osch has painted at many art festivals such as the biggest street art festival in Europe, "Upfest" Bristol,[5] "Sand, Sea and Spray" Blackpool,[6] "City of Colors" Birmingham, "Wynwood" Miami US, "Sunscape" Malta, as well as "Stick Together" and "Urban Art Festival"[7] both in Amsterdam.