Meet some of the Artists

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DUDZ is the fruit of the coming together of two artist-sculptors, Emmanuel BRAULT & Anthony GAUDIER.

The DUDZ live in a strangely CHAOTIC world. A world of TRANSGRESSION.
Brutally erupting from the unscrollings of our DARKEST dreams, they are born of the encounter of STREET-ARTand sculpture. A melding of imagination and cool, the DUDZ incarnate this contemporary UNDERGROUNDculture in trashy, cynical and disjointed dramas. Embodiments of the INEXPRESSIBLE, the DUDZ mean to PROVOKE. With their broken noses, piercings, leers and comical malformations, these terrible children reveal a reality we are reluctant to face: that of DIFFRENCE.

And its terrific RICHNESS...

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George A Raggett. The A stands for Anarchy. Only joking, it stands for Alfred. 

I started painting as a child. My mother says I was born with a pencil in my hand which I can only imagine made the birth that little bit more painful. 

I am from Hampshire, England but currently reside in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The sausages aren't as great as they said they'd be. 

I hope you enjoy my work and if you don't, that's fine. No honestly, it's ok. I'm fine. Really it's ok. I'm ok. Really. I am fine.